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Youda Fisherman - Youdagames

Submitted by calcifer on Thu, 2012-05-24 18:18.
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playing the game in the browser. Clicking off the browser to do somthing else pauses the game. Very addictive.
Terrible sound quality. I was playing online tho.

Youda Fisherman, a time management game from Youdagames.

The game starts of with a short story designed to suck you into the game. It does works very well with the help of some splendid art to help it on its way.

With simple controls this point and click time management game is quite addictive. The short and easy annotations ensure that one does not get held up at every turn. With an easy to learn system the games challenges lies in the gameplay, not in the how to play.

The graphics are animated and simple. When playing online the sound was terrible. Easy controls requiring good point and click skills.


If you are looking for an addictive time management game with an interesting story this is it. But if you want a nice sounding game look else where.