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registry mechanic - not worth 26$

Submitted by narayanagame on Sat, 2012-05-26 16:44.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
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Well organized options, easy to use and support responds quickly
Doesn't really speed up the system or improve performance

I own 2 computers - one is desktop and other one is laptop.i got my desktop in the year 2006 while my laptop in 2010. So its pretty obvious that my laptop runs faster than my desktop. Recently my desktop has become so slow that it would require about 4minutes to just boot into windows. After trying windows updates and updating my antivirus it dint change one bit. Then i scanned my hard drive for errors using chkdsk command but to no avail. After asking my friends and doing 2weeks of online research about speeding up my desktop pc i could only find an unanimous answer that is registry repair software. So i went with the most recommended software i.e. registry mechanic.

Installing the software was a breeze and took me less than 5mins to start running it. The software options are well organized and hence its easy to use and get the work done. After running the software for registry errors it showed a total of 676 errors. I was kind of expecting more than the errors it showed. Anyway when i tried to fix these errors, it took me a whole 45minutes to fix them. Now it asked me to restart my pc and so i did it. But now i find my system to be a bit more slower than it used to be while opening the program files etc and also the boot time is almost same as it used to be. I actually noted my boot time before trying registry mechanic and it was 3minutes and 34 seconds and now it takes 3minutes and 17seconds which is almost same as before. I expected the boot time to be under a minute after fixing the errors .May be my expectations were high and this software really under performs. Since i was upset with the performance gains with the software, i contacted support and they replied that i should try fixing the errors again. So as the support persons asked me to do, i tried it all over again. This time it showed me 42 errors and i fixed them and after that boot time has come to 2minutes and 40seconds. I was a bit fine when the boot time has reduced but overall system appears to be a bit slower when opening program files and all.

On whole i am not satisfied with the software since it doesn't perform as expected or as advertised and its not worth 26$. Beware of this software.


Not satisfied with the performance improvements it provides, it doesn't work as advertised and its not worth 26$.