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Big Kahuna Reef - entertainment that will put you to sleep

Submitted by 612354oxy8 on Mon, 2012-05-28 05:39.
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Mouse party, graphics, control
non-adversity, music, mouse speed

This generic, extremely slow-paced game of match-3 holds no uniqueness, other than the overadvertised feature of the Mouse Party. That is, if you connect several mice to your computer, your friends will be able to help you solve the puzzles. Not many people have several mice in their households, but I did, and it wasn't exciting at all, because my partner withdrew in a few minutes due to the game's boredom.

Another unique piece is a lame concept of unlocking locked cells by involving them in match-3. It is obligatory for the completion of the level to unlock all of those. Way too much time is given to do that until about level 30. Too many hints are dropped too often throughout the game. The arcade goes nowhere.

These are cool. Carved 3D word "Complete" at the end of each level looks very lively and realistic. Deep ocean backgrounds are very creative and pleasant to the eye. The fish swims through the backgrounds, and they cleverly swim away from the cursor more quickly as it approaches them. There were no delays in rendering whatsoever on my generic Intel videocard.

It is very repetitive and for too much of an easy listener. It neither motivates, not causes the player to feel the game. It might very well put the player to sleep. However, there is a way to select ocean waves for music, but those aren't great either.

The player can still manipulate some boxes as the others get matched up due to unexpected matching developments.

Mouse speed:
It is way too quick for the thin buttons the player has to hit in the menus.


After playing it once for a very long time, I will most likely never play it again. There are far more exciting games out there, and this one is just a time killer. With that, it is also a waste of resources.