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Rail of War - Youdagames

Submitted by laters1994 on Tue, 2012-06-05 01:56.
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Differant trains
Poor graphics, poor missions, no idea what is going on.

When seeing the name of the game you seem to get an extreme urge to find out more about ths game, unfortunatly, this urge is very short-lived, the aim of the game is to drive a train through various levels while killing Germans and dong very basic objectives, while unlocking new levels and new trains as you go along, after a very confusing few menus you get dropped straight into a very basic Flash game with very boring colours and missions, you basically have no idea why you are playing such a game and it loses all interest that you might of gained while reading the title.


Do not waste the thirty seconds that it takes to load as it simply isnt worth it.