Neat and Simple but Cost Wise?

Submitted by baize888 on Thu, 2012-06-07 14:58.
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Clean, Tidy and Convenient
Prices are too high for people to even consider getting.

Today I have tried this new innovative social intranet with my friend and to be honest it's almost like Facebook. It has almost all the same identical features to Facebook, share, like and see what others are up to. But what I do like about this new social network is that it is very clean and original. The layout of the page feels better than Facebook, I have to admit. The sidebars with many features, and birthdays of your friends may all be the same from Facebook but there's one thing that Facebook doesn't have from Bitrix24 and that is the simple "Neatness". Facebook seems pretty messy compared to Bitrix24 and that's what I like about it, simple colors and not too many setting what makes people like about sites. But there is one major let down. Bitrix24 does cost money and a lot of money. The cheapest out there is $99 and the most expensive one is $199. With that money I can pay for my internet and phone bills per month. I believe that if this is to be kept free, it'll become drastically known.
Out of 10 overall : 7/10
Layout&Idea: 9/10
Convenience: 10/10
Price: 2/10
Features: 6/10


Overall I like this idea of Bitrix24. It looks professional and can defiantly be a famous site. The price is I what I believe making Bitrix24 not known compared to many major online sites. Also instead of calling it Bitrix24(the number makes it feel unoriginal), I think calling it "Le Bitrix" will defiantly sound better.