A serious Facebook for business

Submitted by Igortot on Sun, 2012-06-10 15:23.
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Functionality, Speed, File sharing, Organization, Privacy.
It's hard to get familiar with the network. It's a bit overpriced for Standard/Professional.

Social networks and connectivity are becoming an essential part of our lives, as we drift into the world where information is available to everyone in a heartbeat.

I believe most people are familiar with the popular social network Facebook. After spending a few years there, I've seen it change drastically from functionality to design. Bitrix24 can easily be described as a ''Serious'' form of Facebook. It has an emphasize on functionality and content. It's the ideal way to keep a business going and track what's going on in real time.

Bitrix24 is still in beta phase, and it can change drastically before being finalized. Until then, its safe to say that it lacks innovation in terms of design, as the site itself is bland and quite ''ordinary''. It doesn't have that ''pick up, and use'' factor, which is, in my opinion essential to a social network. It's hard to find your way around after you create your personal network, even though you're given a set of instructions in the beginning.

On the other side, it's innovative in terms of functionality and sharing. You have the option to upload and share your file database, keep track of tasks, and even download them in Outlook or Excel. My favorite thing about Bitrix24 is the effort put into code optimization. The network works like a charm, and unlike Facebook, you can scroll trough the pages and use the chat, like/share options, etc. without having to worry about the window freezing or stuttering.


Overall this is a great product, and quite an effective way to organize a business. It may not be the easiest thing to use, but it works flawlessly.