Effect3D Studio Review

An Absolute 3-Dimensional Disaster...!

Submitted by cardiinaloleg on Thu, 2007-06-14 01:54.
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3-Dimensional Figures are plausible to create and model an environment with. The materials are sufficient and provide the designer with a sense of perspective and lighting.
You cannot technically model anything yourself; you must only utilize predefined objects and materials. In addition, a lack of area lights and caustic particles limits the artists imagination and innovation.

I would like to start off saying this program is not for "designers of all levels" and it does NOT allow you to create professionals 3D animated graphics; given the user has any perception of what the word "professional" actually means. As I opened up the program, I noticed that the layout was primarily similar to most 3D applications. However, as I dove into the physical dynamics of the program, I began to become very disappointed at functionality of this program. To begin with, the lack of shape modeling and material creation harshly limits the ability and imagination of the artist. In addition, no actual environmental features were to be found in the program and I was beginning to worry that this program would not even provide area lights, let alone particles. Particles are a HUGE component of any 3-Dimensional application, and to NOT include a single trace of them would deem this program a novice disaster. As disappointed as I was, my fury and frustration did not end there. If you have any 3-Dimensional experience, then you probably know what a render engine is, if not, you must have been using this program for your renders. NOT A SINGLE OPTION TO CONFIGURE A SPECIFIC RENDER ENGINE! I didn't even bother looking for modules, nods, or splines since this program could barely get passed a simple fillet cube. Besides lacking the main components which make up a 3-Dimensional program, there were some positive things about "Effect3D Studio"...not really. If you are literally serious about doing 3-Dimensional design, use a different program such as Maya, Cinema 4D, or 3ds max, otherwise; enjoy this toys-for-tots garbage.


If you need to create a simple 3-Dimensional object for a powerpoint or presentation, I would understand why you would utilize this program. However, that is about the only excuse that would allow you to employ this garbage at work or even at home. Trust me, you'd be much better off learning a REAL 3-Dimensional program than wasting your time with this disaster.