Smarty Uninstaller Review

Smarty Uninstall - 'Smarty' Or Not?

Submitted by vProTutorials9 on Tue, 2012-06-12 16:20.
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The lowest price: 26.15$
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Free trial version for 21 days, easy-to-use, cool interface which attracts users, many useful features, removes left-over files quickly...
Works/Opens a little slow, the cost is too high, can't re-install uninstalled programs, not really 'Smart', a little glitches experienced.

What makes Smarty Uninstaller so different from the Windows Add/Remove Programs and other uninstallers? When you uninstall programs using the Add/Remove Programs, it uninstalls the programs, but the programs are not perfectly and completely removed from your computer, meaning that there are still some remains of the software that you installed in your registry/hard drive.

The remains of software that are uninstalled are broken registry keys and shortcuts. These registry keys/entries and broken shortcuts take up a lot of space in our computer and make it slow down and unstable. After some time, the Windows Registry corrupts and the computer is unable to work properly. During this, the computer may shutdown due to a lot of load on it just because of the remains of the incompletely uninstalled software. Smarty Uninstaller uninstalls these remains of programs/software and checks if there are other broken registry keys and shortcuts of the software. This makes the computer run faster than before and fix all corrupted files/extensions and other important system files.

Smarty Uninstaller:
- Is free to try for 21 days
- Is easy-to-use (but most newbies don't really know how to use it)
- Has a cool interface/design (layout) with transparency features
- Includes the Windows 8 BETA and Windows 7 interface

Smarty Uninstaller can load and analyze all types of programs. It shows all the main installed programs, System hidden components, Windows updates, and even shows us broken installations of a program (programs which have not been removed completely).

Smarty Uninstaller has many features:
- The main feature: It uninstalls software/programs/Windows updates/Hidden System Components
- We can 'Force' an uninstallation of a program
- It pretty quickly removes the broken Registry Keys/Shortcuts of a program
- We can also create a 'Pre-Install/Uninstall System snapshot'
- It has an option of creating groups (we can also rename them) and sort programs into them.
- We can edit the Registry Key's Name and Value
- It gives information about the selected program
- If there's no information to give about the program, it lets you search about the program's information from the internet
- It can copy a program's information (name, key, publisher, size, version, installation date, modification date, date when the program was first ran, it can also copy all the information at one time onto the clipboard)
- Smarty Uninstaller also contains a Search Bar which searches for an application in its list. It also contains some conditions (for example: if the application is less/more than the selected amount of size, then the Search Bar feature will only show that file)
- It can change its Windows color and appearance
- When we 'Double-Click' on a program, it shows the program's details/starts to uninstall the program/analyzes the program
- This software has also the option to change its theme/Windows color/Font color and size...
- The users can also change the program's language
- The program also includes auto-update, help/support, tips window, contact button, details about the software.

Some drawbacks of Smarty Installer:
- It's not really 'Smart' - Most uninstallers have the same features as Smarty Uninstaller
- It takes 5-8 seconds to run
- It takes approximately10 seconds to load and analyze all programs
- For most security updates it can not identify when an update was installed and it can not identify the size of the security update
- I experienced some glitches when I was first using the software
- The cost is too high for only one-purposed software and other uninstallers are being downloaded for free
- It does not give an important message when we want to edit the Registry Key's Name and Value (it only displays a small warning message which most users don't read)
- It takes much time to find the Registry Keys of a program
- The main drawback of Smarty Uninstaller is that it can not re-install programs that it has uninstalled.

I think that Smarty Uninstaller is, overall, a very nice program for uninstalling programs and their left-over Registry Keys and Broken Shortcuts. Smarty Uninstaller has many useful features as listed above, but because of its serious drawbacks, some people don't really buy it.


A nice program overall, but because of it's drawbacks, some people don't buy it.