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Infix PDF Editor - Stellar editing tool or exquisite forgeries

Submitted by ritjer on Tue, 2012-06-12 21:45.
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Basic functions are very easy to use. Results are impeccable.
Can not edit PDF documents created from your home scanner.

Whether you have to change the price in your product leaflet or maybe you are secretly holding a dream of becoming a master in forgery, either way, this PDF editor makes it a breeze.

With the ease and the looks of a standard word processor, you can edit text, font or size on your existing PDF the same way you would create the document in the first place, and after saving it, there is no way anyone can ever tell that the document has been edited. (Or tampered with if you're into the field of law enforcement.)

Other noteworthy features are; print any document via the Infix PDF printer and it can be saved or edited instantly. Drag and drop any number of PDF documents into Infix and they will immediately merge into one document. Check your spelling in 20+ languages. I tried a legal document in Swedish and there was only one word it could not find. I must say I was equally surprised by how well the dictionary was assembled as well as the absence of the word "Internet"...

Worth mentioning is that you cannot use you own scanner at home to make a PDF and then try and edit unless you have OCR capabilities. A regular scanned document is just a copied photo.

As most free software, the unpaid version adds a watermark to your edited document when being saved. An ingenious pay function lets you choose to buy unlimited use, or you can pay a small fee for a single use.


This is a great PDF editor with functions beyond your average needs. An easy to use interface and a simple quick start guide you probably won't even need.