Word Up Review

Addicting, Mind-Sharpening

Submitted by cj200893 on Thu, 2012-06-14 14:29.
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The lowest price: 17$
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Addictive, mind sharpening, and fast paced
Not great graphics, price, boring for some

Word Up is a great game because it draws you in, and builds vocab while you play. The game has 3 modes, Arcade, Strategy, and Vanilla. Each game mode offers different settings and different ways to play in order to sharpen your skills. My favorite was playing Arcade mode, in which you could compete against others around the world to see who would attain the highest scores and be on the leader board. The game was very addicting, and without knowing it, it would build vocabulary skills and teach your mind to be faster at pointing out words.

We found this game so great that we even had the kids playing the game. Vanilla mode is great for younger players, allowing them to play with easier words on the board. I found it helped them learn new words when we played together. and even helped the high school student while he studied for upcoming tests. Word Up is a great game for the entire family. The only negative I have is the price ($17 a little steep)and the graphics are by no means eye-popping, but the fun will go on for awhile if you are a "word" person like myself.


Word Up is a great game that I recommend to anyone who wants to have fun, and sharpen their mind in the process.