AccuChef Review

Cooking Made Easy With Accuchef

Submitted by toniete on Fri, 2012-06-15 06:34.
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Easy to use , organizes your cooking without hassles, supports several languages.
Display interface is very poor, can mislead inexperienced cook, very small sometimes tiny buttons.

The extensive features of this software makes it ideal for the homemaker or a working class mum that needs to maximize her time.

It comes with a menu schedule for ingredients and recipes and organizes your food into servings for utmost convenience.Its Email feature supports SMTP and MAPI that can search for ingredients with speed and accuracy to your delight.

The user can customize the printer fro labels and recipe instructions and can sort them out in an alphabetical fashion. AccuChef comes with over 220 recipes and has the unique feature of recipes being imported from the web into it. recipe names that could be found include upsidedown pizza, macaroni mall, and taco salad.

One draw back in this software to me is that the recipes could mislead an inexperienced cook to make recipe combinations that are out of the norm which can be a huge embarrassment especially if the food is meant for a VIP!


The soft ware has great advantages but it can mislead an inexperienced cook due to the myriads of recipes.