AV Voice Changer Review

Martian man, this is cartoon kid!

Submitted by IndieFCK on Thu, 2007-06-14 12:52.
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-Visually appealing layout -Very easy to use -High frequency recording and playback -Large variety of special effects
The only con is that it tends to further distort sounds on slower systems.

AV VoiceChanger: Just another voice modifier? I think not!

While many voice changers out there today offer you a basic ability to morph or transform your voice, I have found very few which offer quite as much flexibility as Avnex's AV Voice Changer. This program sufficient to say has it ALL!

I found the thing I used this program most for was video editing (no, not editing the video itself, but audio edits and voice-overs). I am a full-time communication technology student so naturally I spend a large portion of my day working with video and audio samples, radio broadcasts, and short films. With AV Voice Changer I find it amazingly simple to not only change a character's voice, but to SIMULATE the voice of someone completely different!

Whether you want to sound like Bruce Willis, Peewee Herman, Brittney Spears, or even Robocop this program can do it all. With a built in system which actually compares two audio clips and suggests match-making level changes you can steal someone else's voice to a TEE with enough effort. Having said that the program itself is amazingly easy to use and fairly straight forward; even my little brother (9 years old) figured out how to modify his voice in chat rooms.

The program comes with the ability to add LIVE (while you speak) special effects to audio, and can even record music, speech, and any other sound from various programs (I tested it on Newgrounds.com flash videos, MySpace.com music sections, and even my own iTunes) with surprisingly high sound quality.

The most notable thing about the program was it's easy-to-use layout. Everything is right up front; there are no hard to find effects or buttons.


This program is amazing. Well worth the cost if you're interested in audio enhancement!