Cute Reminder Review

Getting Task done in a User-Friendly way!

Submitted by dspais on Sat, 2012-06-16 19:47.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
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The messaging system is unique, as with chat windows you can assign task to teams, send reminders etc. Windows scheduler is a great way to start an application at a specified time.
Looks messy with sticky notes on your desktop and whenever the mouse touches the edge of the control center, it appears on the desktop which can be quite irritating.

Printing the schedule is very handy. Installation of this software is easily understandable and quite user -friendly.

Software is very self explanatory and a naive user can quickly grasp the concepts.

Its messaging system takes into account even the daily reminders, assigning tasks and setting deadlines to teams.

Great method for storing ideas and tracking them easily by tracing the history just like a chat machine.

Activating a linked object like sending weekly reminder mails to the team eg: asking team to fill up timesheets etc is worth it.

Windows scheduler is a great way to kick start an application at a specified time without bothering to do the same task by you repetitively.

Cute Reminder need not be essentially used for reminders, since everything is available in many other softwares and mobile phones.

The software does not look very catchy to the eye due to its dull and easy outlook.


The presentation of the software can be made better to make it have a professional look worthy of its price and features can be developed on it extensively. Overall the software is quite handy for handling project management tasks and tracking activities of the team in a friendly way.