Alien Shooter Review

The Best Classic Mini-Game

Submitted by giotto on Sun, 2012-06-17 08:55.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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Weapon upgrade chance. Huge amount of enemies. Extra money and firepower hidden in walls. Small size.
Some may find the 2D graphics a bit of a turn of.

When I first loaded Alien Shooter, I was struck by how easy it was to become addicted to the game. The simple game play mechanics make it incredibly easy to get right into the mix of things. The premise of the game is simple. The main character basically shoots anything that moves, collects ammo, and explores new areas while trying to stay alive.

The graphics are basic 2D animations. This makes the game easy to run, even on older PCs. Those looking for the most up to date 3D graphics will need to look elsewhere. However, this basic 2D presentation scheme works well with clearly presented onscreen elements and creatures. The sound is also fairly basic but usable for auditory cues.

Anyone that likes basic shooters without a long learning curve should enjoy Alien Shooter. The game offers a basic premise of an action shooter without the need to own a powerful PC to be run.

Huge base, 10 types of different weapons, brave soldier and enormous amount of creepy aliens. What else you need? Shoot them all up and have fun! Actually this is the main goal – survive!
After starting this game you get so addicted that you unbind your mouse only when buying new equipment or your bladder can‘t stand the strain. Do I said buying? That’s correct, only heroes save the world, but real men get expensive gadgets like night vision, titanium armors, big machineguns etc and fight! All this stuff costs a lot, so beat as many aliens you can to get your cash! There will be real massacre, be prepared to see gallons of red or green blood (you can change blood color in preferences).
Graphics are not modern for nowadays at all, but we can ‘t expect something brand-new in game which is less than 200mb. Enjoy this retro game at your old pc and be happy!
What I recommend is listening your own music in the background while playing Alien Shooter, because there are just 3 soundtracks in whole game which are very good, but they start annoying you after few hours.


I would recommend Alien Shooter for old-style lovers and teens. This is not horror games, so even children can play it and have fun. I don't think that this games is 17$ worth.