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Ace Utilities - Make Your PC Faster Than Ever!

Submitted by vProTutorials9 on Sun, 2012-06-17 09:48.
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The lowest price: 25.46$
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Many useful features, easy-to-use, good price rate, protects from spyware, trojans, adware, informative help/support section, uninstaller, boosts PC's speed, powerful scanner.
Scanner sometimes take much time to scan, no system tweaking and boot up and logic screen editing options, no warning messages, analyzing disks takes time, can't resize the window, not for free, trial version always shows the annoying Welcome Screen.

Ever wondered why your PC becomes unstable, slow, and reboots at its own choice at times? This happens because your PC is filled up with too many junk files which you don't need, invalid registry keys, errors, invalid shortcuts, duplicate files, fragments, empty folders and etc. All these invalid files and registries fill up in your PC because of the software that you install and uninstall, and, as a result, your PC slowly decreases its overall performance, becomes unstable and slow, boots and shuts down slowly and does not respond.

Ace Utilities is a computer software utility, specially designed by the Acelogix Software company, to remove all the errors mentioned above, from our PC, and make it run like new.

Ace Utilities is free to use for 30 days (after the evaluation period we have to buy it for $25.46), very easy to use, opens and runs quickly, with an intelligent and a powerful scanner. Ace Utilities has a nice, simple and an easy to use and an understandable Graphics User Interface.

Ace Utilities is packed up with many useful features, some of which listed below:

* Removes files which are not used by anyone/anything in the PC
* Removes/corrects Windows's Registry errors
* Deletes files left by the browsers/programs which are no longer useful
* Removes/corrects errors in our start menu and desktop shortcuts
* Enables/Disables programs which automatically start at boot up
* Finds and deletes duplicate files
* Uninstalls unneeded software/programs
* Defrags and repairs the Windows Registry
* Protects us from certain viruses
* Deletes files permanently
* Backups/restores the Windows Registry
* Processes all the above features in only one-two clicks
* A very powerful scanner
* Gives us detailed information about the program, licence, and the PC
* Helps/supports newbies and beginners

All these features help our PC to maintain it's speed and accuracy, cleans it up, protects us from spyware, adware and trojans, makes Windows boot up faster, helps applications run faster, and much more...

Ace Utilities's Options window can run scans automatically, schedule events, erase histories, and etc. Ace Utilities also shows us detailed information about how much space (size), of the disk, it recovered. It also shows us how many files and registry errors it deleted from the PC.

There are also some drawbacks in Ace Utilities, as listed below:

* The scanner sometimes takes much time to scan for files/registries
* The GUI is simple and easy-to-use and the software has many features, but advanced users and professionals think that it needs more effects (like transparency) and more features (like system tweaking and boot up and login screen editing options)
* The window size is not resizable
* It does not has its own file remover, it uses the Recycle Bin to delete contents
* It does not show warning messages
* It takes a lot time to analyze disks
* The cost ($25.46) is worth the software, but some people think that it should be reduced
* The trial version always shows the welcome screen

Ace Utilities is not the only software utility available to speed up our PC and clean junk files and invalid registry entries. There are hundreds of thousands of more software available to do this job for free:

Some of those utilities are listed and compared below:

1. Advanced System Optimizer:
* One of the most popular and the best PC error cleaner in the world Intelligent and thorough scanner than Ace Utilities
* System protector included
* Not available for free, free trial

2. Tune Up Utilities:
* Has more options than Ace Utilities
* Makes the computer run a little slower
* Not available for free, free trial

3. Registry Reviver:
* Cleans the Windows Registry quickly and thoroughly than Ace Utilities
* Mainly one-purposed
* Not available for free, demo version available

You can go with these utilities too, but if you really like Ace Utilities and want to use it, here are some System Requirements needed to run Ace Utilities:

System Requirements:

* Graphics mode: 1024x768 with 32-bit color / 800x600 with 16-bit color
* 50 MB or more free hard-disk space / 22 MB free hard-disk space
* Intel Pentium III or above, or AMD Athlon processor with 500 MHz or above / Intel Pentium or AMD K5 processor with 133 MHz
* 128 MB RAM or more/64 MB RAM

Supported Windows versions:

* Windows 98/ME
* Windows 2000/XP (32/64 bit)
* Windows 2003/Vista (32/64 bit)
* Windows 7 (32/64 bit)

I have Windows Vista (32 bit) installed on my PC with 2.0 GHz, and Ace Utilities works perfectly and calmly without any bad quality or low speed.

If you want to buy Ace Utilities (for $25.46) or try it (for 30 days), you can go to the Acelogix Software company website:
The website also includes many more programs and software created by Acelogix Software, and you can also download some of those for free, try them, or buy them.

I think that Ace Utilities is a very nice program which has many useful features to speed up our PC and remove all unneeded contents from it. Many users buy the software, but as a result of the drawbacks listed above, some users don't really buy it.


Nice program to speed up PC, because of it's drawbacks, some users don't buy it.