Social Networking to Business Management Success

Submitted by shrewdclient on Wed, 2012-06-20 06:24.
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all-in-one project management tool, user-friendly interface, own domain name for the professional edition.
cost, cost, cost!

If you haven’t heard of Bitrix24, think of it this way. It’s like using Facebook-like intranet platform for your business in order to have a more efficient management and communication system. I’ve been trying out the Bitrix24 free edition with my small online business for quite a while now. So far, I feel like I have the perfect private social network to communicate with the few people I work with. The free edition of Bitrix24 allows only up to 12 users and limited features.

If money is not an issue, one can opt for or upgrade free account to standard edition ($99per month/unlimited users/50GB storage) or professional edition ($199per month/unlimited users/100GB storage). With Bitrix24, it’s like having an Email, instant messenger (IM), social networking with interactive activity stream and “Like” button feature, photo gallery and employee track-time solution all in one program. The user interface is also very user-friendly simply because it resembles that of Facebook. This is one advantage, I guess, of Bitrix24 over the more popular management tools available on the Web like Basecamp. The most interesting feature, for me, is the privilege of having your own domain name. Using Bitrix24’s professional edition, have your account referred to as This creates a good impression to clients and, in some way, a boost in your business' online presence. Now, how cool is that?

The major drawback I find regarding Bitrix24 is their price- it’s just a tad too costly. Using Facebook, one can create private groups and avail most of the major features of Bitrix24 free of charge. With the unrivaled popularity of Facebook and the presence of the more established online business management tools, I don’t think many people would find it practical to jump ship at the moment. I guess that means a double whammy for Bitrix24.

As postscript, I strongly feel that they could have done a better job in picking a better domain name. Bitrix24 isn’t, in any way, catchy, let alone, provide a good recall for people. And, seriously, what is the number got to do with the name? Bitrix24 sounds more to me like a username and not some business auxiliary tool. Fine, I know it’s only a trifling issue.


Bitrix24, I daresay, is the best intranet platform for a business setting so far. But, at the end of the day, I think, it all boils down to the business owner’s discretion whether Bitrix24 is a real value for money and worth purchasing.