ViewletCam Review

The best software for recording PC applications

Submitted by vothimaihdh on Thu, 2012-06-21 10:17.
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Fast and easy for use

ViewletCam is the fastest, easiest way to record PC applications, PowerPoint presentations, animations, and video directly from your PC screen and generate Flash movies for use in demos, troubleshooting, training classes, and presentations.

ViewletCam records all elements of your presentation including animations, transitions, voice narration, and video!
Simply open your PowerPoint file, click the ViewletCam "Record" button in the toolbar and your presentation automatically records. It's that easy!

Compelling Content for a Wide Variety of Applications:
ViewletCam is also perfect for capturing animations, scrolling windows, user interactions, dynamic content like news feeds from on-screen "tickers," even other Flash movies and video.

Easy as 1-2-3
1.Use ViewletCam like a digital camcorder to capture a "movie" of the activity on your computer screen.
2.Edit and enhance your movie with callouts, text, images, and audio.
3.Distribute your content online, via e-mail or CD.


Viewletcam is a perfect solve for you to design and display the presentation contents on Powerpoint. It is very suitable for video-maker.