AudioStreamer Review


Submitted by devilboy6291 on Sun, 2007-06-17 17:54.
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The lowest price: 35.96$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Easy Access interface, organization of stations, burning capabilities, very useful audio recorder, every genre possible to choose from.
Skips once in a while, some stations cannot be connected to, does not have EVERY radio station.

This program "AudioStreamer" is one of the BEST internet radio receiver and recorder I have tested in a long long time. With the hundreds of stations to choose from from each genre, it is unbelievable. Listening to the radio while doing work is such a relief.

I currently have cable internet which makes the connection almost instant to any of my favorite LIVE radio stations.
The "search" feature makes it simply and time efficient to find stations with your favorite kinds of music.
Now comes the big test for saving songs and burning cd's using AudioStreamer. The audio quality recorded was as heard on the radio. AMAZING. It records the files according the bit rate of the connection you have. Basically all of the stations have amazing quality. The burning feature is easy and has a flawless interface which even the most computer illiterate people can operate.
My favorite feature is the XM radio type effect with the capability of telling the name of the song to the listener. Being able to organize my favorite stations made AudioStreamer a MUST HAVE to anyone who even considered searching up "Internet radio receivers."


Music is a passion in my life. Having AudioStreamer makes it easy for me to satisfy my want for on demand music.