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Digiminds... "The Best 3D ScreenSavers." False!

Submitted by ComputerG33K19 on Sat, 2012-06-23 22:04.
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Not updated. Suspicious order form.

Digminds is a website that allows you to download 3D screensavers to customize your computer.

In my honest and personal opinion, this website should be updated. For one reason, there aren't many choices. It's poorly organized and needs a face lift. They offer you a download for free or to pay for a full version. The full version can cost you anywhere from $6.00-$10.00 I wouldn't recommend paying when the world wide web is at your fingertips.

There was very little time and effort put into this website. It seems like it was made years ago!

If you're looking for 3D screensavers, I'd strongly suggest looking elsewhere. I wouldn't trust this website. When you click on "Purchase" a list of all their screensaver's show up including a hidden fee "Yes! Add Extended Download Service." For $4.99 Another thought to be weary of is the "Safety" of the "Order form." It claims to be safe, but I wouldn't trust it.

Finally, I feel that they should label themselves "The best collection online" is a huge understatement. If you did a Google Search on this criteria, you can find a huge selection and many different websites. There are countless that are free!

Be careful of this website if you choose to do business with them. And just a hint, the last update they seem to have was May of 2011.


Once again, I'd strongly recommend avoiding this website at all costs. There are billions of websites. You can find what you're looking for elsewhere. Even for free!