DVDFab Platinum Review

A Great Peice of Software For Beginners

Submitted by FinalFantasyFan on Mon, 2007-06-18 02:19.
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quick and easy to use especially for beginners, good instructions and able to do a lot of different things.
Some picture like instructions should have been included especially on the designing for the top of disc and the cover.

When it comes to copying from one DVD to the other, I really am a beginner. To be honest when I downloaded this trial version I wasn't sure what I would find, as in would it be something that I could actually learn how to use or would it be a total waste of time. From anyone who has ever done a little research on this type of software will find, a lot of these types of software seem to be for those who already know the how-to and what-to-do's. There not really designed for the beginners.

This piece of software was different and a lot better because it went through the steps of what I needed to do to copy from one DVD to a blank DVD, while I was going through the process which made things a lot simpler. Although everything that is available to do with this software is easily instructed, there were a few things that I as an absolute beginner found difficult which was putting an actual design of my own creation on the disc, and no matter how much I tried to take in and do this, I just found difficult to understand how to go about it. This may not be able to be contributed to the actual software and could simply be my own human boundaries, but thought that as I am a beginner it deserved to be mentioned.

I didn't really try a lot of the Gold Mode except for the DVD disc design, as I found the Express Mode great from copying quickly. I think that the Gold Mode would be more for the intermediate and advanced skilled copyiers and the Express Mode is better for the beginners.

With the Gold Mode you also have the options of being able to copy full audio from different multi-channels, restoring scratches and defective discs and a lot more.


If I had to score this between 1-10, I would probably give it a 9 because it is so easy to use