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Submitted by sabyasachiroy on Tue, 2012-06-26 13:04.
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Very convenient, tidy and it does file sharing in an exceptionally fast speed, privacy aspect is really good.
High price for both standard and professional versions and its hard to be familiar with it.

Bitrix24 is a new and innovative social intranet that has similarities with Facebook. There are a number of identical features in both the two websites, like the processes of like, see and share, but there are several differences in the two sites. Social networking has become an essential part of modern day life, and the concept of serious form of Facebook can work wonders for the software Bitrix24. But here we can mention that the software is still in a beta phase, and it can change drastically in the form of its appearance as well as functionality. But it is basically designed for professionals and businessmen, which is why it emphasizes on functionality and content. Here the user has the option to upload as well as sharing the file database or keeping tracks of tasks. One can even download these in Microsoft Outlook or Excel format. Another very important aspect of the website is that Bitrix24 has put a great deal of effort in the code optimization process. There is a certain charm of the network. In Facebook, sometimes the window becomes freeze, but one will not experience any problem here. Another very important difference in the two websites is that unlike Facebook it is not free, but the cheapest version is $99 and the most expensive is $199. This can be termed as a flipside of the website. The price is quite high for most online sites that offers paid membership. It would be preferable if they try to lower the prices a bit. If it was a free website it would surely get more and more publicity and the number of members would increase in a large scale. The technical support for the website is also quite good.


The concept of is really unique and innovative. It can be a great professional help and looks really professional. It can be used to organize a business, but it is not easy to use. Also the price is a bit steep for every one to afford.