3D Live Snooker Review

3D Live Snooker Review

Submitted by ScoLive on Sat, 2012-06-30 22:34.
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Get a good variation of snooker games to play, I think 3 different kinds, you can play snooker with a friend, big customisation... able to change around the rooms, snooker tables, cues etc... Five levels for noobs and pros, good score board to keep track of how you are doing within the game.
Would love to see a tutorial to help new players, also would like some more control over camera angles, sometimes find my self playing with no sound.

A really good snooker game with a lot of customisation to be played with. You really can sit on this game and play for hours on end without getting bored. I usually would think that snooker was a very boring game in real life, watching it gets me bored, never really interested in the sport, but since trying this game it has had me hooked and had a real impact on my opinion on the sport and had me watching it!

Now more on the game... You can adjust an amount of things within the game such as the appearance of the pool table to the appearance of the cues and the balls, I found this pointless at first but then as I played the game more I grew to like this feature. There is ten different snooker types within the game, you can play these against the computed bots or online with your friends, you can adjust the skill levels of the bots also.

When you start playing this game you can chose which snooker type you would like to play, once you have done this you can then choose the name of the computed component and its difficulty or you can choose to play against another player. I really like the variety of games you can play and it really does help keep the game fun and entertaining.

The graphics in 3d live snooker are done nicely, not perfect, but quite a bit better than some other snooker games I have played... The sounds in this game are okay but I believe could be improved vastly, they are good as far as sound effects and such, but not much more which can make the game seem rather silent at parts, maybe it could use a commentator or a crowd to spice things up a little.


All in all I conclude that 3D live snooker is a brilliant snooker game and even got me interested in the sport which prior I wasn't. I would recommend this game to just about anyone with some spare time looking for something new to play and kill some time off. There are a few cons but these are easily overlooked and not too noticeable while playing the game.