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Submitted by kickinghorse892 on Sun, 2012-07-01 04:19.
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Converts to any format for play on ANY device. Keeps original picture or provides enhancements where available. Works on music and video. Faster than ever before. Easy to use. Simple - no flashy colors or cartoon bubbles or anything, just business. Most importantly, this software is reliable.
Sometimes my computer freezes while converting a lot of files one after the other. The computer I recently built is a quad-core and just shouldn't be shutting down for overuse period! I've never linked the problem directly to this software, however I can never not link it either. I wish is that the paid version were OpenSource freeware or something. But they gotta get paid too!

It was 2006, I was in college. Someone told me, " have to watch this show, 'The Wire!' It is amazing. I'm poor, no cable, university cracking down hard on downloads so dude puts two seasons on a disc and I'm happy. Problem: all the files are .mkv and they wouldn't play in my DVD player. Prior to that I bragged so much about my DVD player because it could play .avi files before most could.

To the point - I searched for nearly and hour and a half for an adequate software that would convert what would become my most favorite of all time into something I could use. After trying one "free trial" software after another I finally downloaded a trial of SoundTaxi. My computer was a little slow at the time (give me a break, I was poor, in college, and it was 2006) so the conversions took a while. HOWEVER - SoundTaxi came through in a clutch situation and I have been rolling with Omar Little, Bodie and 'em since. I even bought the paid version.

Now whenever I have to wipe my hard drive (it happens) or build a new computer one of the first things I install is SoundTaxi Professional because I know I am going to need it and I can always rely on it. Heck, I just used it last night to convert some Walking Dead episodes to .mp4 format so I can play them on my Xbox. I have yet to fail with this software.

SoundTaxi Professional helped me graduate from college - I think.


Clean, reliable software that I simply will not be without.