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PDF documents can be changed...from now on.

Submitted by coolscorp on Sun, 2012-07-01 08:21.
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? Edits like a word processor. ? Add/edit photos. ? Search/replace one file across other. ? Spell checks five languages. ? Include indents, margins and tabs.
? Watermark on filling mode. ? Few features unavailable on free and standard versions

The Infix PDF editor is an application for writing and editing PDF documents. It can be considered as a word processor where the PDF files can be viewed easily. Texts used within the PDF documents can be aligned and stored using easy algorithms. There is an added feature in which the application helps the text to flow easily in paragraphs and columns.

System Requirements:

• Operating Systems - Microsoft Windows ME, 2003, XP, 7, Vista

• Hardware - 512 MB RAM, 500 MHz CPU and IBM compatible PC

There are many instances where people are involved in editing PDF documents online. There is a continuous need to edit and align texts. Hence they look for more economical editor than a costly one. There are instances where you need to edit the look and design but keep the content the same. In that case, Infix helps you to have a perfect editing option. There are free editors which can help to add texts and contents; however editing the material is not possible because we have no in built option for the same.

Features of Infix PDF editor

Unique feature of this application is that it helps to edit the text like a word processor. Other editors work only in text lines rather than text blocks. Infix helps you to create/edit text blocks, text linked between pages/blocks. It helps to apply formats to texts such as underline, bold, superscript, subscript and making italic helping to apply font styles. There are buttons for applying line spacing. Justified alignment can also be given.

Rotate tool helps to rotate the objects and helps to align specific objects. Link tool helps to set up links to texts which are clickable. Fill color and line color tool helps to make variety of colors with the help of color tool box. The eyedropper tool helps to choose from range of colors within the same page.

There are five tools for drawing such as pen, line, ellipse, rectangle and pencil. Shift key can be used for drawing round, diagonal, straight and square. Managing the document is very easy. You can also insert one document into another document and then crop the pages to fit into another document. Buttons can help to change the view by using zoom tool, keyboard shortcuts and predefined zoom values. The added features include search, replace features along with OCR support and more. The application also helps to edit PDF forms which are not editable. There are other features such as photo albums, translation tool and PDF merge.


If you are searching for an application to help in having easy editing techniques, then PDF editor is the only choice. Right from basic editing techniques to complicated form editing, the application provides most efficient roadway.