SoundTaxi Professional Review

SoundTaxi Professional Review

Submitted by ScoLive on Sun, 2012-07-01 16:57.
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The lowest price: 24.29$
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Doesn't use much memory space and runs quite nicely on even a bad pc, easy to use due to its nicely designed user space, good speed which enables it to convert your files quickly with ease, also... Very good price for the product you are getting.
Could do with some more formats supported such as FLAC... that's about it really.

I have played around with this software for a while and really have fallen in love with how user friendly it is, I really believe that someone who has never really worked with a music converter before could easily get the hang of it in no time. This really is an essential as it has helped me convert music files that I couldn't previously play on my iPod, to ones I can... Excellent program.

The thing I have used this program for most, and what it is initially designed to do is to convert certain sound files in to other formats like wav, mp3 etc... that can be put straight on to your mp3 player or iPod.

If you compare the video conversion options to the sound ones, the sound ones really do win in this program, although there is a bit of video options to play around with, I feel things such as HD video encoding are really lacking and could do with adding to Sound Taxi Professional.

SoundTaxi, although lacking in video conversion, I really do think stands above some of its competitors, and with a price tag of $24, really is worth a look. The ease of use, I cannot stress enough really did amaze me, I expected to be playing around trying to learn how to use this program for quite some time but after around half an hour I had it mastered. It is a very fast program and doesn't take up too much ram enabling even the oldest computers to run this program and surf the web etc while running it.


Overall I conclude that for what its worth and what it does, Sound Taxi is a brilliant program. If your looking to convert your files and are tired of the free trials and the shabby free ones and want something a bit more serious and professional, then Sound Taxi really is a program I would recommend.