Betty's Beer Bar Review

Betty's Beer Bar Review

Submitted by ScoLive on Sun, 2012-07-01 17:24.
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Very easy title... Fun...
Gets on the nerves a bit and can be quite a bore to play. After about half an hour of game play I find my self bored and looking for some entertainment.

The basic objective of this game is sell drinks to your customers and keep them happy so they buy more drinks and leave you good tips. I find this game quite comical as the best thing to do is give your customers some coffee if they are getting too drunk. Basically your right and left mouse buttons control "Betty's" arms and in each level that is set there will be an amount of drinks, and as customers arrive and demand beer or what ever, you have to with one of her hands click a glass then click the beer dispenser, then you just deliver it to the customer and bingo.

In each level if you meet your set sales targets you progress to the next level, but if you fail it is game over. The game its self doesn't take two long to beat if your good with games like this, but if not you could probably find yourself getting a bit frustrated at it. The graphics to the game aren't too fantastic, but it is just an "arcade game" so you can get over that pretty easily. This game is quite action packed but can get boring, but if you do just like a quick fix of fun, I would recommend Betty's Beer Bar.

The animations in this game are quite strange and off putting but as I pointed out before, this is an arcade game and you can't really expect much better.


Overall I conclude that this game isn't really a must have, but if you really like things like this then go for it. You will see various different people coming in to the bar such as grannies and even robots... if you easily get bored then I wouldn't recommend.