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Submitted by ScoLive on Mon, 2012-07-02 15:59.
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You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Free for basic level... Good project management tool, user friendly, if pay for professional edition you get your own domain.
Costs for anything more than the basic edition.

Lets start with the price, you can get basic completely free from bitrix24, or you can pay 99 dollars a month for the standard edition, the standard edition includes the addition of "Extranet" this allows controlled access from a different location. You can also opt in for the professional edition which offers Time Management, Meetings, Reports and your Own domain name, but this will set you back a steep one hundred and ninety nine dollars a month.

Birtrix24 is like using Facebook, but a platform for your business, in my opinion a great idea that previously I didn't think would work, but I was proven wrong. I have been using it for my small on-line business for quite some time now and I dare say that I'm going to stick with it as I have fallen in love with some of its features.

With this product its like having your email, employees times to be in for work, a social networking site, an activity stream and much more inside just one program, which is, Bitrix24. My Favourite feature of bitrix24 has to be getting your own domain name, although you have to pay to get this feature I believe it is well worth it and what makes bitrix stand above some of its competitors.

The major thing which isn't a problem for me, but could be for a lot of people, is the price, I do think this product is over priced and should be selling for a little less just for the extra features you receive. I do also believe another problem, this may just be me, but I really do not like the name of the product, what is a bitrix? and to add numbers on the end just makes it work, sorry but the name just doesn't do it for me, but obviously this can be easily overlooked considering some of the great things is had to offer.


Taking all of this in to consideration I conclude that Bitrix is great for what it offers as a social business intranet, and I do believe it is one of the best ones on the market so far, but I do believe there is a little problem with the cost.