Site Spinner V2 Review

SiteSpinner: An Innovation with Limited Usage

Submitted by Adekoya on Mon, 2012-07-02 17:33.
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The lowest price: 41.65$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Ease of use, cheap and affordable, more than enough helps.
No built-in database connector, difficult to use with shopping cart.


This is one good thing that has happened to website development in recent years.

To be candid, with the bare knowledge of the use of mouse and keyboard you can bring out a stunning looking website in an hour with SiteSpinner. With all the important tools conspicuously placed, you waste little or no time in locating your way through the workspace.
One issue I faced during my first use of SiteSpinner was that your site is always aligned to the left, but I wanted my site to be centered. Answer to this problem was not available in the help section. So I went to the FAQ section of Virtual Mechanic website and there the solution was there waiting.

Again you, you can choose if you want to work with desktop or mobile layout or both. This is a big plus for SiteSpinner. When I saw this I decided to try something for my iPhone. Like a magic my little site I made actually worked.

More than this, SiteSpinner is the only website authoring software that I have found having all necessary tools for website authoring (a site editor, an image editor, and an animation editor) within the same software. Adobe tried to do something in this direction but they came up with three seperate software (Dreamweaver, Flash and Firework). I love this feature of SiteSpinner as it saves me a lot of time and computer memory.

A Problem I found, however, is that SiteSpinner provides no database connector or shopping cart element. Pardon me if I sound like another Oliver Twist, always asking for more. One will probably, need a little knowledge of coding to integrate all that.

Of Course there is no hassle, as you can purchase SiteSpinner at a fraction of the popular commercial Website authoring software available. The professional edition is just $49.00 Plus and additional $9.90 if you want in CD and that include shipment. Moreover you can even try it for fourteen (14) days without any obligation.


Well, in concluding, I will say that if you work with multiple site projects with no database you definitely will want to try SiteSpinner. But if you are working with database you may need to look somewhere else for solution. May be SiteSpinner is an incmoplete innovation.