President Forever Review

2008 Election

Submitted by Jharrelson140 on Thu, 2007-06-21 09:34.
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Very creative and intelligent program.
Might be hard to use at first, but you will get the hang of it.

President Forever 2008 is a creative program that can help you learn about different parties, how to run a campaign, and who is running to be the next president of the united states. I think It has cool features, like controlling your ads, what their views are on serval political topics, like immigration, environment, education, and even the war on terror. You can control their actions to try to get the most votes.

You have to ability to do research on different topics, change the theme of their campaign and choose what their focusing the most on. You are able to view statistics on currents percentages of votes. They have options like having a fundraiser, speeches. Monday through friday there is a schedule that will be done. I think that makes it more realistic. Each candidate has a budget.

I think this program is great, it's makes it so realistic based on statistics and research. Very educational, and can even teach you how to run your own campaign, whether it be for a city mayor or even the president of the united states. You can see that the creators of this program have put alot of time and effort into this program.

For beginners it will probably take some time to figure out all the features, and how to use them correctly, but you will get the hang of it eventually, as long as you know about something about politics. To make the program even more realistic, for each event it gives a rundown of information about it, like the cost, the chances of being on the news, and more.

I really like this program, and it's fun to use. The negative thing that I find in the program is that it's a little hard to use at first. Other than that it's a great program.


A very educational program that should teach you a lot about running your own campaign.