Bricks Of Epypt Review

A Tutan-Common Game

Submitted by ClassyJ on Wed, 2006-02-15 00:39.
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This game has good graphics and amuzing sound effects. There are a lot of levels with interesting designs.
The controls are frustrating and the music is annoying. This game is just another ball and paddle game and really adds nothing new to the genre.

Buying this game may incur the wrath of the mummy's curse. Symptoms include boredom and frustration.

We have all played this game before: You have a paddle and a ball and your objective is to keep the ball from getting past your paddle. Basically its 1 player Pong. Bricks of Egypt is just another version of Brick Buster or Arkanoid with some flashy graphics.

I was whole heartedly unimpressed with this game. The controls were frustrating because a player can only use the mouse to move their paddle and the sensitivity is too high and not adjustable in the options. This makes it very hard to progress in the game, especially since the hit detection on the paddle is not perfect, meaning that a ball that hits the end of your paddle sometimes gets past you and you lose a life.

In addition to these frustrations the music was annoying, cutting in and out at random times. There were long periods with no music at all. On the other hand I did enjoy the sound effects which were often silly and amusing.

This game is just more of the same. It really does not offer anything new to the ball and paddle game genre, except for some interesting level designs, which are often more frustrating than enjoyable. If you love this kind of game and have played all the others, I guess you might enjoy this game.

Everyone else, should just go on the internet and download twenty other games identical to this one for free. My recommendation; seal this game back in the tomb that it was discovered in.


Don't buy this game unless you have already played every game like it and are looking for more of the same.