Dropheads Review

They Dropped and I Popped

Submitted by skamper on Tue, 2007-07-03 01:37.
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The lowest price: 16.95$
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Simple to play and understand, Standard game music, Different game modes, Side-bar interface easy to understand, Satisfactory graphics.
Long game loading times (Up too three minutes to start), No help bar on menu only internet help, Expensive for such a simple game, boring after 10 minutes.

I couldn’t take it for much longer, after just ten minutes of playing this game I had almost fallen asleep. Tetris was always a boring game to start with I never found it very interesting and this is practically just a done up version of the same old game.

The only good thing this version has got going for it is the graphics are obviously much better than the original. Also instead of blocks falling its little faces. The object is to match up at least four of the same colour smile faces in order to score points. I guarantee you will have fallen asleep within the first ten minutes. The only people I could see enjoying this game would be your grandparents, simple and easy for them to use.

I also experienced long game loading times; most people would not like waiting up to 3 minutes for a game this Bland. There was no help button on the menu just internet help this could be a problem for users playing the game without internet access. Worst of all is the price they expect you to pay up to $19.95 for a simple boring Tetris game, when you could get a similar version of the same game online for cheaper or for free. Don’t waist your time and don’t waist your money.


Personally I found the game boring and a waist of my time, although people of an older age group may consider playing and purchasing this game.