Flash Catcher Review

If your one for flash this is for you

Submitted by Arnuma on Wed, 2007-07-04 01:01.
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The lowest price: 22.45$
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An easy and simple interface.
Browser restrictions with no offline capabilities.

Like most downloaders of it's kind it's a useful feature for almost anyone who uses the internet because of flashes wide spread use.

It's simplicity is very desirable for those still new to some computer features. With all it's capabilities it becomes a well worth part of your IE browser and can come in use to those on dial-up connections who find loading times too long. Also as most will know websites and pages don't last forever so rather than letting your favorite flash disappear this software can save it for you to watch again and again.

It's main downfall has to be the fact it only works on IE and would obviously be more appreciated if it worked on other web browsers. It could also do better at explaining it's use since I myself don't use IE I found it confusing as to how to get it to work since there is no offline desktop interface.


Worth it's price and good for video lovers, but could do with other browser interfaces.