Watermark Factory Review

To buy or not to buy? Tough question...

Submitted by balance on Thu, 2007-07-05 16:37.
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Does what it's supposed to do, looks nice, fairly simple to use, great online help
Lacks options, lacks novelties, etc.

Well... it creates watermarks. That's already good. I guess it does what it was meant to do. And even a bit more.
Whereas Watermark Factory does do its job right and it does create fairly nice watermarks, I find it lacks crucial options. The Text Effects tab lacks any sort of options for the Emboss Watermark feature, and to be totally honest, I find this feature to be the prettiest one.
Next, you can't drag the watermark on the picture. I like to manually set my watermarks and be able to move them around. Well, you can't do that with Watermark Factory. And the X,Y Axis Movement sometimes moves my watermark too far from my desired location.
And last but not least, there are very few watermark presets available - in fact, there are only 3 of them. It lacks diversity and creativity. Plus, the default font is always Times New Roman and I really don't appreciate it. I always work with a certain font and I want it to be there when I start the program.
On the other hand, I do like the fact that it has an AutoFit option which allows you to fit the entire text of the Watermark to the picture. You can create captions for photos easily and you can even round the edges of your photos (my favorite feature, it seems).
Last but not least, the interface looks pretty; there's loads of eye-candy and it's fairly simple to use, though the learning curve is of about 10-15 minutes (without the online help file that I found really useful, especially the video tutorials - EVERYTHING is explained).


I'd classify this app as a 'maybe', but ONLY if you haven't got Photoshop, or some other better software to replace it with.