Dropheads Review

Dropheads Fails To Deliver

Submitted by sarahwang92 on Mon, 2007-07-09 07:43.
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The lowest price: 16.95$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
The graphics are very creative and gives these types of games a fresh and hip approach. Very easy to use.
There are plenty of these types of games online [for example Yahoo Games] and should not cost this much.

The concept of this game is a simple one: match the same color dropheads [4 of them] together and they disappear and you get the points. Your objective is to finish each level without having the rows of dropheads reach the top resulting in the new dropheads not able to be dropped down. There are many bonuses and techniques in each different round as well. After each level is successfully completed you get a piece of the treasure map. Simple huh?

But why $16.95? This is just a simple game, based on other games that I have played and it’s not more amusing than the other versions of this type of a game. And at $16.95, I’ll be buying a “loses its pizzazz after 10-minutes” game that I could play for free online any other online game site. For instance you could be playing bejeweled a similar type of game on Yahoo for free, a little less bonuses and glitter here and there, but hey, it’s just a game.

I would suggest you play the trial version of this game and invest your $16.95 somewhere else. Or give it a try and see because it’s better to waste 10 minutes than 17 dollars on something that
would probably just sit there, wasted and not played.


I would only invest a little time in this software/game but not my money.