Cute Reminder Review

Remind Me To Get A Bigger Screen

Submitted by thepinkbandit on Tue, 2007-07-10 15:04.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
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Easy to set up. Nice tutorial at the beginning of the program even before first use. Reminders really help.
Variance in superficial performance depending on user settings.

After reading a couple other reviews on this one to see if it was worth writing another review, I realized that the major criticism about this otherwise fine program is its encroachment on desktop space.

I ran this program at three separate desktop resolutions to gain a clearer perspective of the current limitations and potential of the software. The results are fairly intuitive, but it's something the average developer may not necessarily consider. I find that those running the average screen resolution of 1024x768 or less are fated to feel claustrophobic after a short while. Testing it on a resolution of 1280x1024 reaped better results but I was still a bit annoyed by the audacity of the stickies as they noticeably blocked my wallpaper. Lastly, I stepped into the 1680x1050 pixel realm where much of the younger generation of laptop holders dwell. The Cute Reminder performed seamlessly at this resolution, staying in its quarters without terribly encroaching on anything.

A major thing for the developer to consider is why the sticky notes that come with say...the Mac book pro for instance works so well. The answer is in the test that I just run. Macs come with screen resolutions that effortlessly eclipse my best resolution of 1680x1050. A beefed up sticky system like the cute reminder could find a sweet home or second home on the Mac OS and I encourage the developer to consider a necessary installment. Otherwise, the program works as well as its product description and takes up little hard drive space and not too much RAM. Bully to the developers seeing the need for more than a plain sticky that's easily ignored.


A worthy program with some resolution limitations. Users can resize sticky notes, but this does not completely illiminate annoyances at the average screen resolution. I would knock down the price to a rounder more fitting 19.99 if I were the developer, then maybe sell it at 26.95 for the Mac OS version.