Smugglers 3 Review

An excellent space sim

Submitted by balance on Wed, 2007-07-11 15:00.
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Great story, diverse missions, addictive... a great space strategy
None (except for the lack of 3D and characters' audio speech)

Smugglers 3 is an awesome space strategy that lets you explore the universe, trading and fighting enemies. You choose the faction you want to stand by, build your ship from the ground up (or maybe even ditch it for a new one), upgrade your weapons and take the goods left behind by the ship you destroyed.

The great thing about Smugglers 3 is that there's variety to the missions that you perform - it's not just one and the same thing over and over again. You can choose to escort someone for a low fee, or become the mercenary for a substantially higher reward, and lots of other tasks. As you progress through the game and keep upgrading your ship you will be able to undertake more difficult missions.

Another great thing about Smugglers 3 is that everything is neatly explained and the interface does a great job at making itself crystal clear and easy to operate. You know where to go when you want to buy a new weapon, you know that you can only save your game at a space station (and how to do it), and you know where to trade off goods. (By the way, you can be caught for carrying illegal goods and arrested, so watch out.)

I would have liked to hear some characters speaking though. Some in-battle comments (like: Hit their starboard; our engines are damaged), space stations greeting you... an anchor reading the news... oh well...

OK, so there's no stunning 3D graphics, no breathtaking scenes and no picture-perfect planets... but on the bright side - Smugglers 3 doesn't need it. It does a great job with its travel system and the 2D combat system is fine by me. Of course all the eye-candy would have been nice, but look at Space Force: Rogue Universe, a lot of people who bought it can't even play it - it's an amazing 3D world, but its story and tutorial (or should I say lack of it), plus the difficulty level make it unplayable.


Smugglers 3 puts together a great set of features and in my book, beats even the prettiest 3D games. The only downside to playing the game, is that it becomes addictive and in the end... the main character (you)... dies...