Bricks Of Epypt Review

Same Game, Different Place

Submitted by gwennthered on Fri, 2006-02-24 22:29.
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Three difficulty options, complex level system, good graphics, appeal across a wide age range, fun sound effects
No keyboard gameplay controls, old idea that snazzy graphics and cultural setting alone cannot revive

Arcade Lab’s Bricks of Egypt is not a novel invention. Neopets’ fans will instantly recognize this as a more glamorous (and Egyptian) version of Korbat’s Lab. Glam for which you, of course, must pay.

The object of Bricks of Egypt is to hit every single object on the screen with a little ball. To keep the ball in play you must not let it bypass your “bat” on the bottom of the screen – a la Pong. This game also features a myriad of power-ups and penalties, all of which you may catch or avoid with your bat. The help section features a reference for all of these, but its easiest to remember “Green means good. Red means bad.” Although, it can be entertaining to purposefully catch penalties in order to spice up the game. Bricks of Egypt also boasts a complex system of levels and allows you to toggle the game difficulty. This is a great feature for those who would like to purchase a game that will be both entertaining and appropriate across a wide range of ages.

Installation is simple. Game play is smooth. The soundtrack and sound effects are fun, and fairly easy on the nerves. Unfortunately, you cannot use your keyboard to play Bricks of Egypt – or at least I could not find any option to allow this functionality. Mouse-only game play seems like a strange decision on the part of the programmers for a game which appears to try and set itself apart with so many jazzed up features.

School aged children will enjoy this game. Younger ones will probably become frustrated. Most adults will enjoy playing for a time. There are enough quirks within the levels to keep things interesting beyond the initial honeymoon period. However, Bricks of Egypt does not the have the level of addictive fun necessary to keep you playing forever.


Bricks of Egypt looks great, but isn't really compelling beyond that. Kids will probably enjoy it more than adults. Might be a good buy for a family.