Dark Basic Professional Review

Good featureset, taken together, not so great

Submitted by mgsloan on Fri, 2007-07-13 07:41.
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Easy access to advanced 3d graphics engine features
Horrible programming language. Easy to learn, but quite annoying to use. The language, IDE and periphery libraries are also quite bugprone.

The primary reason that Darkbasic pro is such a staple of easy, individual game development, is the books. They have books everywhere. It is a triumph of marketing.

The actual product, however, is lackluster. It has a decently featureful 3d engine, though not as fast as some, the ease of use makes up for this.

The language itself, and api paradigm are quite ill-planned. In attempt at making the syntax more like english, they only get quite verbose and unwieldy syntax. For example, rather than v = obj.CollisionCenter, you would write:

centerx# = object collision center x(obj)
centery# = object collision center y(obj)
centerz# = object collision center z(obj)

oh, you want to add a vector to that? Just use DB's convenient 3d math </sarcasm>

null = make vector3(1)
set vector3 1, centerx#, centery#, centerz#
null = make vector3(2)
set vector3 2, 1.0, 2.0, 0.0
null = make vector3(3)
add vector3 3 1 2

Reminds me of the good old days of assembly code. Sort of. Not really.

In any reasonable language you'd do something like:

obj.Center + Vector(3, 1, 2)

Darkbasic pro is not a reasonable language.


This program can be made to do some cool things. It's not too hard to learn - ok for beginners. However, it tends to irreparably damage the mind and fingers.