Dropheads Review

Colorfull fun...for about 20 minutes

Submitted by christorian123 on Sun, 2007-07-15 07:23.
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Very colorful, Tutorial helped a lot, easy to learn, music not too bad,graphics pretty good.
Needs a story line or characters deffinately, a little too repetitive even though it does get harder as the game goes on, a little too tetris-like.Needs a big improvment on the so called "characters".

One thing I have to comment on about this game is the simple fact that it is very colorfull, I love that in a game and it deffinately brings this game to live visually.

This is a game that a 7 year old can pick up in about 3 minutes, the tutorial is a big help. This tetris-like game will produce fun for about 20 minutes. The levels do help it though. As the game gets faster and harder it gets you more on your toes. The harder the more addicting thats for sure.

I think this is too simple of a game though, a story line behind it might be good, maybe a few characters here and there that go along with you in the game. Kind of like a sonic, where theres a story line to it but basically your doing the same thing...pressing the arrow button forward and watching him go.

Maybe a boss type of technique for the game would be affective. Get through a boss instead of getting a treasure map piece.The music in the background is okay, not the best but it didnt make me want to turn my volume down which is a plus, it didnt hurt my ears or make the game any more frustrating for me to play.

Oh and one more thing I had to comment on, the smiley characters are not characters that im looking for in a game, and there not hilarious.


This game is pretty good, I deffinately dont think it is worth the money you have it listed for. I would put the price anywhere from 8- 12 dollars considering I could play the demo and have just as much fun. With a little bit of work here and there deffinately a computer game for the shelves.