Xeno Assault 2 Review

Flash game or download game?

Submitted by deathtoll on Sun, 2007-07-15 15:16.
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Good graphics Very good gamplay Slight hint of strategy involved
Too similar to a Flash game

Xeno Assault 2 is a typical game. You will have seen many of these released in last couple of years, the only difference is they are usually flash games which you don’t need to download let alone pay for. So is this game really worth the money?

The opening menu is very simple, and has a few extra options than most games like this.
The “Help” button directs you to a webpage, so unless you have internet access when you playing the game you will have to figure out how to play yourself, saying that however, I don’t think you will need the help page as the game is fairly straight forwards. There is also an “Extra Missions” button which directs you to another web page where you should be able to download some more missions, sadly though there are currently no missions to be downloaded, probably due to lack of funding. Also there is a ranking button which will show you how many points you have received so you can challenge you friends to beat you mighty score and also look at other peoples scores.

The game itself has some very nice graphics, from the scrolling background the 3d asteroids hurtling towards you. Although if you are actually playing the game rather than admiring the graphics, you will also see that the game play is also very good, completely smooth and extremely fast paced, (Word of warning, you will need to be very quick to play this game), from the first level you will be amassed how hard it is, well I thought it was hard but these games aren’t my specialty. Any way, the developers have added some nice evil aliens, and what looked to me like onyx from pokemon for you to blast away with your guns and power ups. Another thing I like about this game is that you have two types of control over the game, you can use the arrow keys and spacebar like most of these games, and however, you can also control the space ship with your mouse, which is a nifty extra to the game. The game has also got a small element of strategy as you have a choice to wait a few seconds without shooting until your ammo is fully charged and then if you fire you will a get an extremely power full shot. This is I think the only thing that really separates this game from and ordinary flash shooter.


Overall, I would not recommend buying this game unless you have some spare cash which you don’t mind investing to buy a game which is only a bit better than the online free versions.