Cute Reminder Review

Something cute but not very cute

Submitted by maverick0624 on Wed, 2007-07-18 20:12.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
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Does not clutter your desktop and remains hidden on right edge. Saves space in task bar. User friendly, easy to use design.
Not something out of the blue product and expensive enough compared to other similar products in market.

First basic thing I liked is the quick access point for cute reminder. It does not bother me on the desktop but just remains hidden at the edge of the desktop. And it does not even appear in the already cluttered task bar menu items.

The remind me option with different time span is nothing but outlook's remind me later feature. Not something new or innovative here. But still I shall say it's useful as you can keep on snoozing the reminder when busy.

The ideas feature looks like made for scientists, well I could not find a big difference in normal reminder and an idea. Probably the reminder time is the only difference, But would you even need it?? specially in the reminder utility.

Hiding all notes option is good to have, show all notes in one go is useful as well, show desktop is something which can be done by CTRL + D in windows so what's the need!

The Audio option only gives me 5 options of sound files, it could have been great idea to set out own mp3 sound files like the latest mobiles use. Probably I am planning a recorded scolding message for myself.

They have two cute skins, satori and puzzle. Satori looks cute and puzzle as well. Atleast it seems they thought of aesthetics.

Surprisingly, You cannot move the reminder balloons or notes, this is painful as I could not scroll or even complete my typing which was being hidden behind the reminder balloon. Probably they can think of making the note transparent with control given to use to decide the transparency level.

Overall, I found it useful for myself useful utility as I manage a many test projects at a time and reminder is only thing which survives me.


It's worth to have if you don't have any other cheaper alternative available.