Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor Review

I think I've really learnt something...

Submitted by balance on Thu, 2007-07-19 09:23.
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Easy to use, step-by-step learning, auto detection of users' strengths and weeknesses
Quite repetitive tasks, only a couple of interactive activities

Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor is a good software application that actually takes you from the very beginning. No matter what keyboard you're using (QWERTY or Dvorak), you'll get the chance to practice on it. In the beginning there's a little publicity for the Dvorak keyboard, saying that it's easier to use (hmmm, I myself might look into this one).

First of all, you get to choose your level (total beginner or advanced) and you then continue based on your profile. The application automatically detects when you're ready to pass to a new level, but you can refuse and keep practicing if you feel like it.

You learn everything visually - everything is SHOWN, for example where to put your fingers. You learn handy combinations like how to press the shift key when you're typing certain letters. You first practice on an improvised keyboard and then start typing in words. You can even practice by typing your own text (neat feature).

Now one of the best things is that you can set out goals for yourself, like how many words per minute you wish to type. This helps by nudging the difficulty level (so you're probably going to need more practice if you want to type faster).

There are also a couple of interactive activities, but for the most part of the learning you're going to be typing on the onscreen keyboard or typing text. But that's not necessarily a bad thing - it keeps you concentrated on the matter at hand: learning how to type.

Everything is nicely and clearly presented via a nice user interface which guides you through the learning process. A tutorial on how to sit and how not to sit in front of your computer is also included, with the funny Viking showing you the positions.


If you want to learn how to type and want to take it from the start - it's a wonderful resource that will have you up and typing in no time.