EZ-DJ Plus Review

WOW... this one looks awesome, but...

Submitted by balance on Fri, 2007-07-20 11:27.
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The lowest price: 16.99$
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Awesome user interface, nice mixing capabilities and features
Only 8 Music loops, only a couple of drum sets

The interface of this program is very very nice. It actually has the look of a DJ Studio. You have all of these neat DJ Tricks, scratches, drums. There's even a sound warper that does some pretty cool audio effects.

Now, when it comes to the samples included, here's the big stump. You only get 8 tracks included to play with. I was kinda hoping they'd be offering something closer to 100 tracks, but I was wrong. Well, for the price... I agree it's what you'd expect. However there's just too little diversity in the tracks offered, so you can't really get a great impression of the software - plus, in the trial version you're not allowed to mix your own MP3 (figures, since they let you export the music you produce even in the trial).

Also, since this is essentially a Macromedia Projector, it takes up 95-99% of your CPU. Macromedia Projector - means this is like a Flash game (you must have seen one of those online mixer websites that pretty much offer you the same thing that EZ-DJ offers - tracks, drums and mixing capabilities. The only difference is that EZ-DJ lets you export the work you've created.

Also, I notice that EZ-DJ no longer has a website, on simplestar.com (the producer's website) all they have is a page that briefly describes its features and lets you buy it.

The help offered does not exactly suffice. I found it quite hard to find all of the options, but it's like a game - try and find out.

Also, i don't feel confident in the 'download after you buy' policy that they've adopted. Only one set of tracks is available, and you can download the three others later (what if their website no longer works?).


While it has a very nice user interface, it lacks diversity. I would have preferred a higher price in exchange for more functionality.