Dropheads Review

DropHeads = Sore Wrists

Submitted by isobe on Sun, 2007-07-22 02:56.
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It's a game more fun that Window's Minesweeper.
Difficulty level is quite elementary. Your wrists might fail you 15 minutes into the game.

Have you ever played Tetris or Puzzle Fighter? If you have, then you'll find that DropHeads is just another copycat clone.

DropHeads, or multi-colored smiley faces with emotional issues, shower down from the top and begin stacking on top of one another. Your job is to keep the match four identical DropHeads to remove them from the board. If the drop heads reach to the top of the line, then guess what? Games over.

The game tries to lure you with a sub game. After completing each level, you are awarded with a part of a treasure map; there are 10 peices total. Once you collect all of the peices to the map, you get to put together a super easy puzzle that a 3 year old would have no trouble solving. Then you're back at square one.

While the puzzle and game are easy to learn, the interface itself is a bit difficult to use. With tetris, you have the option of using a keyboard to manipulate the blocks to your linking. With drop heads, it's all mouse action. With the speed at which you have to work, your wrists might feel the stress after 10 to 15 minutes of play time. Additionally, if you accidentally click on the wrong square, you get an incredibly annoying pop up reminding you the rules of the game. If you love to click, click, click that mouse button, this game is for you.

If I had to choose between Tetris or DropHeads, I think Tetris would be the favorite winner. Simply due to the fact that the difficulty level of DropHeads is geared toward a 3rd grader while tetris challenges both the young and old.


DropHeads is a new game based on an old concept. If you enjoyed Tetris, you might enjoy Dropheads.