Acronis True Image 10.0 Home Review

This can be a lifesaver

Submitted by GameKing on Mon, 2007-07-23 00:47.
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The lowest price: 37.49$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
It does what it claims, flawlessly and at a very reasonable price.
I suspect that with the continuing addition of other options they are making this fine program intimidating for some users.

Between my wife and I we purchase a new computer every year. My first task is to install an antivirus and firewall, and then update these and Windows. Then, I partition my hard drive, restricting Drive C to the Operating System.

When this is done I install True Image and make an image of my Drive C. I usually call this FRESH.

Then follows the long task of installing all my essential applications, utilities and games. I then make another image and call it MINIMUM.

Over the next several days I add the remainder of my lesser used "stuff" and make yet another Drive C image, called FULL.

This gives me the peace of mind I need.

True Image 10 works flawlessly. It backs up your image to the location of your choice (My DVD drive shows up as an option, so I am not sure why a previous poster said this was not possible.)

Acronis has added a few new features -- I suspect that the marketing people wanted these, as they seem out of place -- such as a regular backup (Hmmm, it's like using an 18-wheeler to go grocery shopping). You can also back up just your email, etc. Again, I prefer using Second Copy to do regular, scheduled backups of this stuff.

Also included is a "Disk Clone" function. It's nice to have this in this package, because justifying the purchase of a stand-alone cloner is difficult. I haven't tried it -- I prefer to do a FRESH install on a new computer. I don't want to transfer all the System Registry clutter!

However, the basic operation; imaging your drives/partitions, is easy, intuitive and important for everyone who does more than emails and correspondence!


All, except very light computer users, should have this in the utility tool box.