Ant War Review

Attack of the Ants

Submitted by agentsmith413 on Wed, 2006-03-01 04:01.
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Very easy to pick up and play, Addicting gameplay, easy interface.
Not too sure about how long it can stay fun, auto battle doesn't work very well. Little bit of a hefty pricetag.

For a game as simple as this one, i was suprised to see that i actually enjoyed it somewhat. The game starts off with you deciding what kind of ants you want to be(fire, carpenter, weaver, etc.).

After that you goal is to build your colony as big as possible. You do this by assigning different percentages of ants to certain jobs such as builders and gatherers. If you assign them right, your colony grows to be the biggest around.

However, there are many things to stop your colony's growth. Enemies, natural disasters, etc. all come after you during the game and all can stop your colony's growth.

AntWar actually moves fast and is very easy to pick up and go. I would have to say that this game is good for children and adults alike due to it's addictive gameplay.

From buying upgrades to make your colony grow faster to the fun little battles you and your colony engage in. I have to say that it's actually somewhat satisfying for my colony to attack Mr. Suburbia or The Baker Lady and win the battle.

While the battle system is super easy to use, it makes the battles fun to engage in. My only issue is if you select the auto battle, sometimes it automatically retreats your colony even though you would naturally dominate the battle.

I'm actually surprised to see how the simple gameplay can actually be fun. However, another downfall to the game is the randomly generated events that occur. Some of these things damage the nest or kill off part of your colony.

The bad part about that is the game gives you no way to "battle" these random events such as ways to make the nest stronger or ways to keep ants alive during a storm. If there were ways to accomplish that, the game would be that much better.

In my opinion, however, I feel as though AntWar gets very old very fast. While it was somewhat addicting when i played it, it was only for an hour. I have to believe that after about 2 hours of gameplay it may start to get boring and less and less interesting. I can't say that its for sure but it's my suspicion.

Overall, AntWar is a very simple, fun, and addicting game. Whether it stays that way the entire game i don't know. For now, im going to give it a good rating and recommend you try it out for the free hour and make your decision from there.


I will recommend that you at least try out the demo of the game and see how you like it. If you like it then get it.