MP3 Doctor Pro Review

MP3-Doc, these pills ain't workin' for me...

Submitted by balance on Mon, 2007-07-23 11:46.
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It must have some pros, I probably use better software and therefore can't find them.
Well, my whole review...

MP3-Doc has a hard to maneuver user interface (to say the least). There's no tutorial, the help file has no pictures explaining how to do the actions describes and it just doesn't look like that dream software - it's more like one of those old hospitals that get the job done, but with their old techniques and machines.

To be more explicit, MP3Doctor is hard to use not only because of its interface but also because it has absolutely no preview. Whatever you're going to do, you have to use the old trial and error technique - I find it really hard to use this way.

Next on the list, MP3Doc is kinda slow to write. it takes me about 5-7 minutes to convert one of my voice audio files. It's OK if you have spare time to kill though. The actual conversion process, however, seems to take very little time.

The equalizer is the killer though. There's absolutely no clue as to what each one of the bars stands for and without the crucial preview there's a lot to test before you can find your desired position (and you only get 20 tries with the trial version).

And the Doc is pretty straightforward - if you're really ill, then don't come lookin' for my help (there's nothin I can do), here's what they say on their help page - 'At the moment Mp3Doctor dosent support mp3s with a very low quality settings.' Well, that's why I wanted to normalize then, because they're of very bad quality...

As for the Karaoke module, it's not gonna cure any ear disease... personally, I was expecting something a bit better, I'm sure anyones ears are going to hurt after listening to 10 minutes of Karaoke (I believe one speaker is louder than the other, and it makes a screeching noise).


It's not necessarily a bad application, it's just that the market is so competitive and there are so many alternate solutions that offer so many more features...