Label Wizard Review

Label Wiz - quite efficient

Submitted by balance on Tue, 2007-07-24 20:26.
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The lowest price: 16.96$
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Looks nice, professional output, easy to use
Lacks features, only one set of card/label templates

Label Wiz is an efficient program than lets the user print out professional labels or cards.

One of the great things is that its very easy to customize, and the options you select are in effect for the whole set of labels at once, not just one of them. Furthermore, you get to customize all the parts of the labels with your own text and your own logo.

You get to customize the page size (A4, letter) - so that makes Label Wiz universal... it'll work both in Europe and in the US.

Personally, I find the cards quite modern-looking and professional.

There are a couple of downsides though - you can only print 8 or less cards per page. There's no option to make the cards smaller. Also, there is only one card template - I'd have expected at least a couple of different layouts and more picture options.

Although it may work to your advantage in some cases, it might also be very uncomfortable - the 'Setup Label Wizard' changes the look of all your cards, so if you want to print a different types of cards on one page, you're stuck.

Although it looks nice, and it seems to do its job just fine, Label Wizard seems to lack something - it lacks options and features. So, if you've ever worked with a more advanced software such as Serif Page Plus, you'll immediately notice the lack of options.

But, hey, for 17$ it's going to be pretty hard to find another labeling software - that is unless you've already got Microsoft Office you're ready to start producing your own labels by drawing the shapes and placing the images yourself, by hand.


For 17$, Label Wizard could be an option, however you might consider buying a more expensive design suite (it'll do a lot more, but cost a lot more too).