Xeno Assault 2 Review

Fun but repetitive

Submitted by Eckardt on Wed, 2007-07-25 01:13.
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Good graphics, easy controls being mouse or keyboard, fun upgrades
repetitive, music can get annoying, no storyline, not very challenging

Xeno Assault II is a game that you would play if you were bored and had nothing else to do.

The game has good graphics and animations but lets be honest its just a flash game, its fun and repetitive the same as the rest of its genre. It is fun up to the extent of "yay! Look I just killed another bad guy flying towards me", but that's it.

The music (which starts as soon as you load the game) doesn't change it just stays on a repetitive loop making it very annoying very fast. The music does not fit the action making the game feel boring and lifeless.

The controls are easy to use as it's left click main weapon, right click second weapon and move the mouse around to move the ship but that's as far as the user involvement goes. Which is good for people who just want to sit there and click two measly buttons, but I feel this decreases the excitement of the game.

The user interface was very confusing to look at first but after a few levels of playing you start to understand what the energy bar does and what everything is used for.

There is no storyline apart from the fact that you're a starship destroying other starships coming towards you. No tactics are required making it very dull.


This game is good if you just want to sit down and play something which is fun but repetitive and with good graphics. I will say that it is not worth buying as there are the same types of games out there which are a lot more fun and thrilling, but is worth downloanding and giving a try and saving for a day that you have nothing else to do.