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virtually unlimited options

Submitted by blueahania on Sat, 2007-07-28 17:46.
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intuitive interface, the last version - CrazyTalk 4 - has been improved.
more you practice yourself, more it improves the result. It's fun but it also professional.


the first time that I have seen this software I've underestimated it. I thought that it was the usual

softaware of photo morphing. then I made a work, a cd-rom, and I had need a interactive interface, live

talking characters with expressions of the face and inflexions in the voice. So I try it understanding all

the potentialities of it.
You have ultimate control over facial, eye, head, lip and shoulder movement.CrazyTalk can also convert text

to speech using Microsoft's TTS (Text-To-Speech) engine. But I prefer add voice messages in wav, even

recorded by other programs. In that way, it supports therefore a boundless number of languages and the

lip-sync is perfect.You can even add independent music backgrounds to your animations. Output file have DVD

quality: MPEG-4, that is very important for who want use it for professional work.
It's a tool for creating animated talking messages from any use: cd-rom (Interactive catalogue), Skype,

also website, if you like it, or e-mail and movies.
With this program we can create in few minutes speaking photo without using some softwares additional. The

images are brought in life showing emotions and movements of lips.
I don't believe to exaggerate in to say that it doesn't have rivals.
it allows to realize a professional product from the winning look just in few minutes.


the limit is only the imagination. non only a software for fun, but also for great professional work. I was highly impressed with this software.